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is an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev C Certified fastener distributor. Listed below is a sampling of some of the NAS (National Aerospace Standard) numbers we carry.

NAS42 Spacer NAS43 Spacer
NAS72 Bushing NAS73 Bushing
NAS74 Bushing NAS75 Bushing
NAS76 Bushing NAS77 Bushing
NAS509 Nut, Drilled Hex, Jam NAS514 Screw, Machine
NAS557 Grommet, Plastic NAS600 Screw, Machine, Aircraft
NAS601 Bolt, Machine, Aircraft AN17 Screw, Machine, Aircraft
NAS602 Screw, Machine, Aircraft NAS603 Screw, Machine, Aircraft
NAS604 Screw, Machine, Aircraft NAS605 Screw, Machine, Aircraft
NAS606 Screw, Machine, Aircraft NAS607 Screw, Machine, Aircraft
NAS608 Screw, Machine, Aircraft NAS609 Screw, Machine, Aircraft
NAS620 Washer, Flat, Reduced O.D. NAS623 Screw, Machine, Aircraft
NAS662 Screw, Machine, Flat Head NAS671 Nut, Plain, Hexagon, Small
NAS679 Nut, Self-Locking NAS720 Screw, Pan Head, Assembled
NAS721 Screw, Miniature, Fillister Head NAS722 Screw Miniature, Pan Head
NAS723 Screw, Miniature, Flat Head NAS724 Screw, Miniature, Binding Head
NAS1056 Spacer NAS1057 Spacer
NAS1081 Set Screw, Self-Locking NAS100 Screw, Machine, Pan Head
NAS1101 Screw, Machine, Flat Fillister NAS1102 Screw, Machine, Flat Head
NAS1149 Washer, Flat NAS1189 Screw, Self-Locking
NAS1190 Screw, Self-Locking NAS1191 Screw, Self-Locking
NAS1351 Screw, Cap, Socket Head NAS1352 Screw, Cap, Socket Head
NAS1394 Insert, Lightweight NAS1395 Insert, Heavy Duty
NAS1515 Washer, Plastic & Rubber NAS1635 Screw, Machine, Pan Head
NAS1676 Washer, Split, High-Collar NAS1786 Post, Electrical


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